Oktoberfest Monaco
Oktoberfest MonacoThe Oktoberfest or the Wiesn at the Theresienwiese in the Bavarian capital Munich is 6 million visitors the largest festival in the world. For the Oktoberfest brew the Munich breweries, here Augustiner Brau, Hacker-Pschorr Brau, Löwenbräu, Paulaner Brewery, Spaten-Franziskaner-Brau and Hofbrauhaus, a special beer, which must have an original gravity of at least 13.5% and approximately 5 , from 8 to 6.4 percent alcohol by volume contains
In the beer tents, beer tents and marquees the beer in the traditional measure is therefore poured 1 liter beer mugs, on the menu are traditional chicken, pretzels, but also gourmet food has arrived. Tapping is after moving the hosts by the mayor of Munich. Many guests are dressed in dirndl or lederhosen. Blaskappellen as Chieminger to play. The fair is accompanied by ZLF and a big folk festival with funfair rollercoaster, Ferris wheel and swing ride.
In almost every city there are counterfeit Oktoberfest, so Mannheim, Frankfurt or Klever Oktoberfest, not forgetting the Canstatter Wasn. Most tents have two layers:. Noon until late afternoon and by the end of Ausschanks against 23 h
The tables are in great demand, seats hard to come by, especially in the evening and on weekends. You can also do to be admitted in hope as a fixed percentage of the tables can not be reserved in advance. In groups that is almost hopeless. We offer tickets, seats and reservations in all large tents, Augustiner Marquee, hacker marquee, Hofbräu marquee, Löwenbräu, Schottenhammel, Winzerer Fähndl or Paulaner, stables and Ochsenbraterei.
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